Scalp Cleansing With Starter Dreadlocks

So you have done the big chop or extensions and are going through those rigorous first 6 weeks of new locs.  Welcome! Depending on the process used you most likely won’t be able to wash for another 6 long, itchy weeks.  This can be a bit uncomfortable, especially if you work out and sweat a lot.  Well,help is here. 

Mix equal parts ACV (apple cider vinegar) with water so lets say 2 oz ACV and 2-3 ozs water.  Next use the tip of a clean rag/washcloth or cotton to dip in your ACV solution and wipe between the rows of your locs. Squeeze out the excess ACV and wipe until your entire scalp is clean. No Rinsing Necessary – The vinegar smell will disappear as soon as it dries.

This will:
Remove any sweat and odors
Relieve itching and condition your scalp
Remove dandruff and any build-up
This can be done on cornrows, braids and any length locs.

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