• Revitalocs Anti-Breakage Treatment

    What it is: Lockology Anti-Breakage Treatment helps to strengthen your locs while reducing shedding and breakage.

    • Strengthen and Protect
    • Reduce Shedding & Breakage
    • Moisturizes Dry Locs
    • No Build Up or Residue
  • Ginger & Mint Loc Shampoo


    What it is: Lockology Organic Ginger Mint Loc Shampoo promotes scalp health and hair growth.  Made with coconut, peppermint and ginger oil.

    • Deep-cleans scalp
    • Remove excess dirt, oil and odors
    • Reduce dandruff and flaking
    • Relieve itching and irritation
  • Black Soap

    What it is: Our Black Soap is made  with the traditional recipe of plantains, cocoa pods and other local barks, leaves and fruits. Our bar lathers well and rinses clean. Black soap is characteristically known for its quality to improve uneven skin tone, razor bumps, and quality of skin. It is also widely used for acne, eczema, and general skin care.

    • All Natural Ingredients
    • Acne, eczema and uneven skin
    • Remove dirt, oil and impurities
    • Lathers easily and rinses clean
    • Great for general skincare
  • Scalp Cleanser and Deodorizer

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    What it is: Our multipurpose scalp cleanser is A blend of witch hazel, rosewater and other natural ingredients to soothe and cleanse your scalp between washing or use to relieve scalp sensitivity after interlocking or retwisting.  Use to help cleanse scalp, remove odors, reduce itching and inflammation from dirt, build up, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, sweat and environmental residue.

    What it does for your scalp:
    • Natural Ingredients & Vegan Friendly
    • Use Between Retwists & Washes
    • Soothes Scalp Soreness & Irritation
    • Helps Remove Scalp Residue and Build Up
    • Relieves Itching and Excessive Oil
    • Helps Relieve Dandruff, Eczema and Psoriasis & Symptoms
    • Reduce Scalp Odors & Sweat


  • Revitalocs Loc Conditioner & Leave In Treatment


    What it is: Lockology Revitalocs Loc Conditioner and Leave In Treatment is a multi-use moisturizing blend of aloe, castor oil, neem, rosemary and other natural ingredients that conditions and moisturizes your locs / dreadlocks while promoting growth, softness and strength.  Use as a daily moisturizer, conditioner or leave in treatment.

  • Peppermint Tea Tree Loc Shampoo


    What it is: Lockology Peppermint Tea Tree Organic Dreadlocks Shampoo is an aroma-therapeutic blend of peppermint and tea tree that deep cleans your locs and scalp to remove odors, reduce itching and inflammation from dirt, build up, dandruff and environmental residue.

    • Lathers and Rinses Easily
    • Deep-clean your locs and scalp
    • Remove dirt, oil and impurities
    • Reduce dandruff and flaking
    • Relieve itching and irritation

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