Lockology dreadlock shampoos are made specifically with locs in mind.  Our shampoos are unlike any other loc shampoo.  They lather and rinse quickly and easily because of their light structure.  The are all natural and organic and leave no residue.  Unlike traditional shampoos, our shampoo is very liquid like.  It’s almost the consistency of water which helps it to deeply penetrate your dreads for deep cleaning.  They are also highly concentrated so a little goes a long way.
They work well with locs at different maturity levels from starter to well established dreads.
Lockology Lavender and Honey Dreadlock Shampoos
Lockology Peppermint Tea Tree Dreadlocks Shampoo
Lockology Coconut Lemongrass Dreadlocks Shampoo
Lockology Deep Detox Dreadlock Shampoo

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