The best dreadlocks gel is not even a gel at all.  Introducing our Lockology Locking Butters, a line of loc butters made by dreads for dreads.  With over 40 years experience wearing and maintaining locs, we have developed a line of loc butters that are the best selling loc maintenance butters in the world.  Unlike locking gels, our butters are residue free, all natural and organic and leave no build up ever.  They are absorbed by the hair and help to moisturize, condition, strengthen and promote growth and scalp health.  Our loc butters are used in salons around to globe and one thing is certain, NO BUILDUP or RESIDUE EVER.
Our Lockology locking butters are available in 5 blends.  To maintain your dreads with our locking butter simply wash your hair and while still moist, use a finger tip amount to twist your hair.  Do not over twist and a lot of product is not necessary for a lasting hold.
Lockology Lavender and Honey Loc Butter
Lockology Peppermint Green Tea Loc Butter
Lockology Coconut Lemongrass Loc Butter
Lockology Jojoba Rose Loc Butter
Lockology Kush Loc Butter

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