How To Moisturize Your Locs

So you’ve tried every tip and trick suggested by youtube and blogs and nothing seems to work to keep your locs moisturized. There are many reasons why your locs could be dry and brittle including medication, your hair type, your environment, you not hydrating your body enough, using the wrong products for your hair and simply you just not taking the time to moisturize it often enough.  Dry locs can lead to breakage.  I find the best way to moisturize your locs will be a tried and proven method that works for YOUR hair.  No two locs are the same and you may have to do some trial and error until you find what works best.

1. Moisturize your locs the way it works for you. What does that mean? Well, some stylist may say use oil, some say use water, while others may say try both. The best way is whatever way worked for you before with your natural hair or locs or what you tried and it feels best to you. Our hair is all different and no one way will will work for everyone with locs

2. Loc Oils – Moisturizing your locs with oils can work but may not work as well on already dry hair. I find that moisturizing your hair with oils after a shower, moisturizer or fresh wash works better to help seal moisture in.  For me loc oils are a two step process, I apply oils when my hair is already wet or damp or after misting with the Lockology Rosewater Spray or Revitalocks. (Try Lockology Lavender and Rosemary, it’s my favorite)

3. Loc Moisturizers – Unlike oils, loc moisturizers are primarily water based.  Some moisturizers are a combination of oils and water like our Lockology Coconut Passionfruit.  Because loc moisturizers are water based, you will have to use them more often to keep your hair moisturized or seal them with a good loc oil.  If you prefer the way your hair feels with a moisturizer, then simply misting it more often like 2-4 times a week may help it to feel better.  You can use our Loc Moisturizer Guide to help you choose a moisturizer for your locs.

4. Loc Butters – These are my ultimate favorite because i find they work best for my hair.  I use the Lockology Lavender and Rosemary Locking Butter  as a part of my weekly loc routine.  Our loc butters are dual purposed and can be used to do your retwists as well.  They are made to penetrate the locs to seal in moisture while helping to strengthen weak and damaged hair.  I use this to do a two step method as well.  I apply it after shampooing while my hair is still wet or i mist my hair with a loc moisturizer if it’s between washes.  You can also spray a light mist of water first, then apply a small amount of butter.

5. Water and Hydrosols – Some people prefer to hydrate with pure water, hydrosols or distillates like aloe water and rosewater.  I love the Lockology Rosewater Spray, but i find it works better for me as a refresher or scalp cleanser to refreshen my scalp and locs between retwists or salon visits.  If you prefer to mist daily then this product is great for you.

You can find what works best for you but it will be a trial and error process or you will have to get to the bottom of what is really causing your hair to be dry and coarse.  I will do more blogs and some videos on what causes dry hair soon so please follow us on instagram, tiktok, facebook or youtube to be updated when i do.


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