We have different products that can help to moisturize and hydrate your locs. Below is more information on each type of product to help you make a choice.

Loc Hydrating MistsOur hydrating mists are made with water and botanical extracts.  They help to refresh and revive your hair and scalp and can also be used to clean your scalp between shampooing.  Use a hydrating mist if your locs are dull and limp and need.  You can also use them to help define your curls from twists and braids by misting the hair and allowing it to dry completely before take down.
Use Daily or as needed

Loc Moisturizer – Lockology Loc Moisturizers are made with water, oils, botanical and extracts etc.  They help to hydrate, soften and seal in moisture and may also help to strengthen weak locs.  Use loc moisturizer if your hair is dry, coarse and rough.
Use 1 – 3 times per week
or as needed

Loc Oil – Lockology Loc Oils are great for use on hydrated hair, dry scalp or after washing they can also be used as a hot oil treatment.  Use to help lock in moisture after refreshing with a moisturizer or hydrating mist.  Use on locs that are dull and extremely dry but use with a water based hydrator, moisturizer or after washing while hair is still wet.
Use once per week or as needed.

Loc Butter – Lockology Loc Butters are great for retwists and nourishing dry, coarse locs.  They work best when used on hydrated hair or after a fresh wash to do retwists or to help nourish and seal in moisture.  They also help to soften the hair and give a great healthy shine to locs.
Use once per week or as needed.

Ingredient Guide
We use natural oils, herbs and extracts in our loc products.  You may also choose your products based on their other benefits as listed below.

Peppermint – Scalp Health, Itching & Growth
Lavender –
Scalp Health & Growth
Tea Tree –
Scalp Health, Dandruff and Itching
Lemongrass –
Scalp Health, Itching & Dandruff
Coconut –
Nourishing, Strengthening and Reparative
Rosewater –
Hydrating, Cleansing & Scalp Health
Aloe Water –
Hydrating, Soothing & Cleansing

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