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A message to our customers during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

WE ARE STILL SHIPPING ORDERS Dear costumer, In light of the developments regarding COVID-19, I’d like to first say that our thoughts are with those affected by the virus in the U.S. and around the globe. At Lockology, the well-being and safety of our staff, customers and communities are our top priority. As we closely […]

Locking Gel

When looking for dreadlock products locking gel / dreadlock gel may be at the top of your list. For some of us we prefer the results we receive with a loc gel to that of locking waxes or butters. Lockology Locking Gel was made specifically for locs and is used in salons daily to retwist […]

Freeform Dreadlocks

A red rose or yellow rose, damask rose or bourbon rose is still a rose. Sisterlocks, Freeform, Interlocks or Palm Rolls…still locs! I spend countless amount of hours on the internet researching and reading on just about everything that I think can affect locs/hair. From forums to books and articles to science journal reports I […]

Traction Alopecia

Traction Alopecia The reason for the increase is Traction Alopecia, a hair loss condition caused by damage to the dermal papilla and hair follicle by constant pulling or tension over a long period. It often occurs in persons who wears tight braids, especially “cornrows” that lead to high tension, pulling and breakage of hair. This […]