A red rose or yellow rose, damask rose or bourbon rose is still a rose. Sisterlocks, Freeform, Interlocks or Palm Rolls…still locs! I spend countless amount of hours on the internet researching and
reading on just about everything that I think can affect locs/hair. From forums to books and articles to science journal reports I read it all. One think i find interesting when I read some forums and personal blogs is people who bash Free Forms locs who have locs themselves.

Now if you don’t have locs and you bash them I think that is perfectly fine because you are entitled to your opinion as well as odds are you are ignorant about the locking process and so you really don’t have the knowledge to do anything else. However, when you have locs and speak of free forms as dirty or unkempt to name a few then it puzzles me.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what looks good to you may very well not look good to someone else but before you bash them just understand that regardless of what type of locks you have, even though the maintenance process may differ the result is the same – the binding of individual hairs to form a “loc”. Freeform locs are groomed as well and if the wearer also chooses to palm roll or interlock them it can also be done. The only difference is they are usually not as small or the locs themselves are not defined by uniformed rows. Free form locs are the originators and all other types of locks are its off springs.

In conclusion I am not asking you to love free form locs, i’m just asking that you respect the process. Making ignorant comments are reflective of your ignorance as well because if you knew the history and symbolism of locs then you could see the important role free forms played in our “hairstory” and how it paved the way for other type of locs to become “socially acceptable.”   

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