Do dreadlocks smell? Does any hair smell? The answer to your question is any hair can smell when not properly groomed. There is a long promoted misconception that locs / dreadlocks has odors and a host of other mis-truths. If locs are properly groomed and washed they will not carry an odor. Some of the reason locs like any other hair may smell include

1. Poor grooming habits, not washing often.

2. Sweaty scalp, if your scalp is constantly sweaty your scalp may develop odors. After working out ensure your hair is dried.

3. Dandruff can cause terrible odors of the scalp and possibly hair, because of the yeast and bacteria build up that can occur. With dandruff, throughly washing and or cleansing your scalp often is necessary for scalp health and reducing odors.

4. Environmental odors can cause your hair to smell. If you work in an environment with heavy odors like smoke, your hair may capture and hold theses smells.

5. Mold and mildew, yes you read that correctly. Mold and mildew may develop on locs / dreadlocks and any other hair. This happens if wet hair is not dried.

6 Natural body odors may transfer your hair if you have an underlying health condition that causes this.

Dreadlocks / locs don’t just have an odor. This comes from the common misconception that locs are dirty. This years old belief has started to wane as more and more people now choose to wear their hair in locs. However, their are still people who believe this and as such these type of rumors will continue to circulate. Taking proper care of you hair and body will prevent issues like this no matter what your hair type or style is.

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