ACV vs Soft Brush Washing For Lint Removal in Dreads

With locs comes lint. Its a reality most of us with locs have to face but how do we get rid of it? Well you have a few options the most recommended being Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses. On occasion ACV rinses are great. However, i find that ACV is best for product build up and a light detox. It may remove lint as well but when your locs are overwhelmed with lint it rarely helps.      Another option most people exercise is dying to cover up the lint, this surely covers it but the use of dyes is a whole other topic. I find that washing your locks with a soft almost baby- like brush helps to remove most of the lint. The brush must not be rough or coarse or it will rip and damage your locs. Shampoo your locs and then hold them in your hand and gently brush down the hair shaft. A combination of this and the ACV rinse every 8 – 10 weeks should keep you lint free. Please stay away from “lint picking,” this can weaken and damage your locs.

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