When looking for dreadlock products locking gel / dreadlock gel may be at the top of your list. For some of us we prefer the results we receive with a loc gel to that of locking waxes or butters.

Lockology Locking Gel was made specifically for locs and is used in salons daily to retwist and hold locs. Our gel is made with organic aloe gel, provitamin B5, vegetable glycering, witch hazel and other natural ingredients. It has a Light consistency to prevent product build up while still provifing a great hold for retwists.

When selecting a loc gel for retwist always choose a gel that is flake free, build up and residue free, moisturizing and that holds well. The Lockology Locking Gel meets the mark and will help to prevent long term issues caused by other gel products that can ruin your locs. Try our loc gel and tell us what you think, we love customer satisfaction and aim to sell the best loc products in the world.

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