The tightly packed strands of hair that form your locs make it prone to excessive dryness. They can often times feel dry, rough, coarse and brittle. The best oil for your locs is not any one vegetable or plant oil. Equally important is how you moisturize your locs. Oils are more sealers than moisturizers. They help to seal moisture in and can also seal moisture out of your hair.

Moisturizing dry locs with an oil will lead to dryer hair as the oils also seal moisture out of your hair. Your hair draws moisture from its environment and if the shaft is covered with an oil barrier it prevents it from absorbing. The best way to moisturize your locs is by combining a water based moisturizer with an oil based one. For example, you can spray your hair with our Lockology Rosewater Loc Mist or Revitalocs Loc Conditioner first, then follow up with the Lockology Lavender and Rosemary Oil Loc Moisturizer to seal the moisture in. This way your locs stay moisturized for longer periods.

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