Mineral Oil & Petrolatum

Mineral Oil & Petrolatum

Mineral Oil and Petrolatum

With all the health issues getting more and more prevalent everyday like cancer, one has to be an educated consumer and learn to buy wisely.  We have to be more careful what we eat and what products we use on our body.  Most hair and beauty products for  Blacks contain Mineral Oil and Petrolatum, both by products of Petroleum

 Mineral oil, sometimes referred to as paraffin oil or Nujoll is composed of a blend of hydrocarbons that is not unlike that of petroleum jelly. The difference is that mineral oil is a liquid petrolatum, making it an inexpensive choice for a number of applications like baby oil, hair oils, make-up removers and much more. Petrolatum  (Like petroleum Jelly) is found mainly in hair oils and twisting products and can cause a great deal of build up and coating of the hair.  Neither of these product are healthy options.  Both have been reported to have low-moderate cancer association, a moderate immunotoxicity rating and are possible immune system toxicants.  (http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/search.php?query=mineral+oil)

There are healthy alternatives to using products with these ingredients.  Read your labels and be an educated and smart consumer.  None of our Lockology products contain mineral oil or petrolatum.  For more information on Mineral Oil and Petrolatum or any other ingredients found in your hair and beauty products please visit( http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/search.php?query=mineral+oil ) for ingredient information and governmental reports, health studies and more.

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