Lockology Hair This! Choosing A Loctician (Part I of 3)

Lockology Hair This! Choosing A Loctician (Part I of 3)

Loc wearers have an emotional and often spiritual connection to their locs so choosing a Loctician can be a task.  Due to this you usually find one person and stick to them which is usually the person who started your locs.

This can be both a good and bad thing.  Sticking to your loctician because she cares and nurtures your hair and spirit, has a clean, positive working environment and has experience and knowledge is a great reason to stick with him or her, familiarity isn’t.

 If you no longer feel your hair is healthy, the environment is conducive of growth and relaxation and/or the products are not the best or working for you hair then it is time to move on, but not before saying so in a calm and respectable manner.  Don’t be afraid to express your concerns to your stylist.  This will help you feel more confident and help him or her be a better Loctician. 

Playing your part in the client-stylist relationship is extremely important.  Your stylist meets with you once every 4-6 weeks and in between that time it is your responsibility to take care of your locs.  Home care is essential.  If you are not taking care of your locs at home as well, you can’t hold your stylist responsible for your irresponsibility.   What your stylist should do is recognize that your hair is not being properly nurtured and make suggestions and offer treatments that can help.

To be continued….

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